Folleto Indico INGLES 2023


The Republic ofMaldives covers a distance of 820 km from north to south and 120 km fromEast toWest. It is a group of almost 2,000 islands, ofwhich themajority are ideal for leisure holidays. The Maldives have a tropical climate moderated by the presence of the Indian Ocean, which results in an almost constant temperature throughout the year. In addition to relaxation and rest, sea and beaches, the main activities to undertake in these islands are: diving, aquatic sports, fishing or surfing. Another unique attraction offered by this paradise is the chance to spend a day on a deserted island or visit small inhabited islands, where you can experience local culture, first-hand. Authentic food of theMaldives may be found inMalé or in an excursion to one of the inhabited islands, with a staple base of fish, rice, coconut and all of its derivatives, all with condiments and seasoned with superior quality spices.

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