Folleto Indico INGLES 2023


Zanzibar is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean 40 km from the East coast of Tanzania. This group of islands has a special and captivating charm. Its turquoise waters and old quarter, which have been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site are its top attractions. Its diversity and white sandy beaches define Zanzibar as the Jewel of Africa. Zanzibar, as well as the neighbouring islands, known as the Spice Islands; make up one of the best, if not the best, destination in Africa for you to enjoy a holiday of relaxing, sunbathing, or diving. Here you will enjoy turquoise crystal-clear water, sandbanks with shallow water perfect for a bit of paddling, and islands which are almost deserted and barely visited by tourists. Explore Stone Town, the old quarter of Zanzibar. Or you could also go from beach to beach, paying a visit to the fishing villages, each one better than the one before.

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